Solar Company Website

Auswell Energy

Clean Graphics and Smart Copywriting

We recently completed the design and development for the new Auswell Energy site using clean graphics and catchy copywriting. Auswell Energy were after a website and a suite of design elements that could transfer to printed work. The new website was to come to life at Trade Shows on pull-up banners and brochures and the science behind solar energy was to be simplified through diagrams. 

Using the sun as the inspiration, colour scheme and drawings began. The graphics are isometric illustrations which are often used by engineers and illustrators that specialize in technical drawings. The 3D block style illustrations were a perfect marriage of the solar panels and an example residential home. Another simple way to immediately inform customers of the business at trade shows and online.

We had a lot of fun with the copywriting for Auswell Energy. We used a casual and high energy style of quotes and tag lines such as ‘Make friends with the sun and Save’. Clear and concise information was at the heart of this project, which is shown at every angle.

Interactive Savings Calculator

Custom built calculator 

Everyone wants to know if Solar is worth the investment. It’s the one question. How can I save money? A custom calculator was built to sit on the website’s homepage. By selecting the average quarterly bill amount, the calculator prepares an estimate system size and cost immediately. These numbers reflect Auswell Energy’s recommendations which is why we needed to custom build. The custom built calculator also returns an astonishing annual savings amount. This excites the customer to enquire, which leads to more conversions for the business. Simple.

Chat to us about how we can custom build a system to convert more sales for your business.