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Strategic Business Branding

Having the opportunity to breathe new life into a business through design and a rebrand is rewarding for us and our clients.

Brand updates are daily conversations we have with clients. It’s a hot topic and Eternal Health Medical Centre recognised the importance of how a rebrand can positively impact business growth, attract new clients and stay competitive in the digital marketplace. Dr Elstein wanted to create a greater sense of brand unity across his business by connecting his services, books and articles.

Logo before ad after


Rebranding a business

Like the name suggests, a rebrand includes a new logo, colours, fonts and an overall new digital presence. This project’s critical brief was to declutter the current brand and streamline and consolidate the large amount of content available to Dr Elstein’s followers.

Custom Website Design

Custom website design gives you flexibility. A wish list of how you want your website to look, feel and function. Template websites are those which give you only a small selection of changes. In some cases businesses may want to change the template, by adding components such as payment gateways and template websites can restrict these add-ons. 

Eternal Health came to us as a largely blog style site. The restricted template layout could no longer contend with the scale of information competing for the visitor’s attention. With a custom website design coupled with a custom rebrand, the website now reflects a fresh colour scheme with a contemporary logo, fonts and responsive design with a custom menu structure that suits this business.

Consolidation of content

Dr Elstein’s website now houses the large range of articles about his health practices from an easy-to-use drop down menu. This custom website design allows followers to purchase ebooks via a one click ‘buy now’ button through By adding a buy now function, shopping is simple for the customer. This improves customer experiences and gives the business more opportunities for sales.

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