Media Booking System


Multifaceted media booking portal

Stihl needed a custom built media booking system that could manage and track their local dealer’s advertising budgets. Partnering with Rapid Media, we designed and developed a web based portal that allows Stihl dealers to request advertising based on their yearly budgets. Ad media previews are uploaded and managed by Stihl administrators and can be viewed by dealers when placing a booking.

Media Booking System

When a dealer wants to book in advertising they log into the portal and submit a booking form. They can select budget, media type, air time and a number of other criteria. The booking form is then automatically submitted to Stihl head office for approval before being sent automatically to the correct media representative, based on location and media type. Once a booking is submitted the budget allocated is deducted from the dealers’ account and logged in their booking history. There is also a multi-dealer booking function that allows dealers to combine their budgets when making a booking, allowing for greater ad buying power.

Media Management

Administrators of the site can upload creative (TVC, Radio Ads, Print Media) to a centralised Media Manager that allows the dealer to preview and select what advertisement they would like to use for their booking.Administrators can delete redundant advertising and add new items when necessary. Each item is categorised into media type and duration to streamline the booking process for the dealer.

Website Reporting

The reporting function allows Stihl head office to search for dealers that are over or under spending for the year. Reports can also show the breakdown of what media type is used on a national, state or territory level. Each dealer has an individual report that plots their bookings for the year against an ‘ideal spend’.

User Management System

The in-house system is administered by both the Stihl head office and its media buying agency. These administrators can add, edit or delete dealers and update their yearly budgets when required. Media Representatives are managed from the CMS and categories by location and media type. This allows each booking to be sent to the correct Media Representative without the need for manual cross checking.

Book advertising and manage media spend 

The system has been operational for the past year and has been well received by Stihl dealers. They can see the benefits of being able to book their advertising and manage their media spend at their convenience.

The efficiency of the system has allowed Stihl Australia to reduce dealer management time, but more importantly, ensure budgets are not over or under used. Phase 2 is now in development which will maximize the application through a mobile app, further unique reporting and a payment platform that will allow dealers to order customised advertisements.