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We create exceptional e-commerce solutions on Shopify Plus. Whether you’re migrating from another platform or optimizing your existing Shopify store, we’re here to help you achieve your e-commerce goals.

Shopify Plus is a powerful and flexible commerce platform specifically designed for high-volume merchants.

What is Shopify Plus

Shopify Plus offers advanced features, such as integration with popular enterprise software, tools for internationalisation and localisation, and powerful APIs that enable custom development. It’s backed by 24/7 support, dedicated account management, and other premium features that enterprise-level businesses need to streamline their operations and maximize their online sales potential.

Built for growth

Shopify Plus is the only enterprise commerce solution built for high growth, high volume businesses. It’s powered by the most advanced tools to help your clients scale, including:

Unlimited potential for growth

Extend the Plus platform with apps and integrations, including two times more API calls than with other Shopify plans.

Expand internationally and grow with unlimited staff accounts, all managed from one central admin, with a unified view of automation flows, analytics, insights, and user permission across all the stores in your organisation.

easy to use
Easy to use

Manage everything in your organisation from a single admin, saving time that can be invested back into your brand.

Shopify’s store editor is easy to use, so you can focus on your customers' experience and not be caught up in technical issues.

Optimized for conversion

See up to 18% higher conversion with Shopify Checkout when you enable Shop Pay. It’s constantly enhanced for speed, conversion, and customer experience across multiple devices.

Solve commerce problems with automation

With Shopify Plus, we can build custom solutions and processes by leveraging Shopify's unparalleled flexibility.

Shopify Design
Enterprise roadmap

Shopify Plus is continually rolling out new capabilities and features focused on streamlining the management and deployment of enterprise commerce.

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Checkout customization

On Shopify Plus, merchants fully brand their checkout experience through Liquid templating and customise the data and views within the checkout process.

“The transition from our old and dated WordPress site into a fully automated Shopify store that talks to Sybiz has been an absolute game changer for us.”

Annabel Trends Ecommerce Manager

Increase your checkout conversion

Your checkout is your store’s most critical moment. It’s the gateway to a smooth customer experience and, just as important, conversion.

Shopify checkout
Shopify’s checkout is constantly being optimized for speed, conversion, and customer experience across multiple devices. And when you enable Shop Pay—an accelerated onetap checkout— you can boost conversion up to 91% more on mobile and up to 56% more on desktop over standard checkout. Not to mention speeding up your checkout by up to 60%.
Shopify Experience

We've been crafting Shopify websites for a while... here are a few of our favourites.

We also build Shopify Apps

We’ve built a number of custom Shopify apps for specific integrations. Our very own Product Reviews app called Kooee Reviews is also available in the App Store. You can find out more about Kooee Reviews here.

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