Medical Room Directory


The web works best when it connects individuals in a niche environment.

Med Estate is a medical room directory that does just that. It’s a directory and networking site we’ve designed and built that allows medical professionals to find and fill treatment rooms. The primary focus is around keeping treatment room occupancy at a maximum, with the smallest amount of time, money and effort from business owners.

This medical room directory site benefits all medical professionals in some way. Whether it’s by enabling clinicians to find rooms to work from, or  allowing practices to find people to fill their available space. Our goal is to provide simple, yet powerful tools, that streamline the recruitment process in the healthcare sector.

Practitioners will love this medical room directory. Each profile that is set up is searchable by clinic owners. They can also search for medical rooms, contact room owners and also add rooms to their ‘watch list’, to receive alerts and to show interest in the space.We allow an unlimited number of room listings for business owners that need to find practitioners to fill spare medical rooms. The interactive map search enables clinic managers to filter by practitioner and availability.
Most directory sites revolve around a 30 day listing model, but Med Estate has re-imagined how a directory should work. It allows practitioners to ‘watch’ rooms, even if they are unavailable and as a room owner, you can see a list of practitioners that are interested in each room, which will reduce the amount of time a room is empty by creating a backlog of practitioners available.There’s plenty of exciting features in the works for this medical room directory, aimed at streamlining the process of filling available medical rooms. If you’re a practitioner or a clinic owner, get started now by clicking here.