Financial Planning Website


The many phases of branding

Gamma Wealth Group is an independent financial services company who required branding and website development across their three companies.The goal was to create a suite of logos which worked well together, as well as in isolation. On top of this, the three Gamma logos needed to be identified as a group. The financial planning website for each brand now works coherently to ensure a seamless user experience.

Group Branding Concept

To create a brand we first analyse the competitor landscape to see what the leniency is towards colouring and typographical trends. We report what consumers have come to know and trust and what has grown to be prominent within the particular industry. Gamma Wealth Group is also parent to The Super Fund Co. a brand we had previously created, and needed to align with the Gamma collection. The visual language of the new branding needed to allow for easy cross promotion of all products and services.

Branding Design

To pull Gamma Wealth Group in line with The Super Fund Co., variations of the imperfect circle have been used. Gamma Wealth Group then uses the outline and colours of the other three entities to form a reversed icon, visually separating it form the Products and Services on offer.

Gamma Wealth Group may not seem as bold, but the focus is on the products and services rather than the parent company. Consumers will see and use the products and services in advertising and their financial documents more often than the parent company logo.

Campaign Headlines

Questions create answers

A consistent catch-phrase can add to the brand and marketing messages, increasing awareness of capabilities and offerings. The chosen headline ‘Are you Fluent in…’ can be modified to suit the circumstance or topic. ‘Are you Fluent in Financial Planning’ can change to ‘Are you Fluent in Tax Reporting’ or ‘Self-Managed Super Funds’.

The headline is a direct question and answer, that challenges the reader into considering if they are the best person to be managing their financials. This campaign headline played a major part in each of the Gamma Wealth Group websites.

Website Development

Now that the branding was complete, we moved to the design and development of the three financial planning websites, including the parent Gamma Wealth Group. Each informative marketing website were created in unison, allowing the user to easily find answers to their questions with their financial planning services with a custom built wordpress theme.

As always, it has been a pleasure working with branding. If your business needs a new or a rebrand contact us today to discuss your creative journey.