Travel Website

Website redesign and building connections... quickly and socially

Australian based Gap Year and Working Holiday program provider Letz Live required a website redesign. With their target audience aged from 16 years and up, their online content required a fresh-faced design that delivered information quickly while having a social connection. 

Website Objective

Build a new travel website, with unique page design to refresh and improve the brand’s online presence for a young target audience who trusts and respects up-to-date digital activity.

Clear Menu Design

Through a clear menu design, the website outlines the businesses core products and services, with the goal of positioning the brand and offerings closer to the target market. We created a clear path to their priority list. These were:

• Program pricing,

• Destination information,

• Inclusions of a Gap Year or Working Holiday,

• How to apply

Custom Built WordPress

The travel website was custom designed and built to ensure a unique and easy journey for the customer to use while communicating a sense of community which the brand has achieved through 15 years of activity. The travel website required intelligent additions to the website including social proof pop-ups and call to actions to increase applicant numbers. 

WordPress was used as the content management system, so that the site can be easily updated in the future.  

Creating brand legitimacy through real-life imagery and video

We aimed to feature actual program participants, which gives the site legitimacy, builds trust and familiarity and inspires future participants of the program. 

Steering clear of mostly stock imagery was a deliberate decision to encourage those real-life conversations about the program and experiences. Letz Live’s most common feedback is the positive support which is offered before and after program sign-up so the website needed to encourage how the company does this. We introduced additional pages to the website about the program destinations, with FAQs, favourite tips, things to do and animated icons on what’s included on the program.

Another element of legitimacy was adding reviews from past participants and parents. These reviews acknowledged the wider audience who would be visiting the website.

Video can be a prominent component, especially for a target audience of 16-29 years. Adding a mixture of real-life videos from previous program participants solidifies the aspirational opportunity of travelling abroad. 

Animated Icons and Headlines

Lottie animations

The ‘future of animated design’ Lottie animations was a unique and fun way to add movement to the Letz Live website. The site uses new and unique animations which suite the Letz Live program inclusions. 

Zoho Integration

Letz Live uses Zoho to manage their sales pipeline, including customer applications for all programs. Through effective design, we brought the application and contact forms to life, while seamlessly integrating with Zoho.

Instagram Feed

The addition of Letz Live’s Instagram feed to the new website was a multi-faceted approach. The brand’s social channels are decorated with colourful, inspirational imagery and feature current participants. The target audience enjoys seeing their friends and even themselves, which therefore encourages sharing of images and the brand’s message. Integrating the Instagram feed to the website was an effective way of continuing the conversation.

Each Instagram post is filtered by destination, by using a specific hashtag. On the website, users are only served relevant imagery/posts depending on their chosen program and location of choice.

There are many reasons why websites integrate their Instagram feed including gaining more likes and followers, boosting audience engagement, enhancing social proof, increasing brand trust and boosting website conversions.

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