Process is the enemy of chaos.

Every project we do is unique, but the process we follow is tried and tested.

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A conversation

Everything we do begins with a conversation. Ideas are raised, requirements are discussed and expectations are brought to the table. It’s an open book at this stage, and is a perfect opportunity to pick our brains about the best approach to take to achieve your desired result.

As an example, you may think that you need an eMarketing campaign, but actually, a social media strategy might be a better solution. We appreciate honesty, so we’ll tell you when something is not right… if you need a new brand that’s what we’ll suggest.

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We don’t do Cooky-Cutter web design. Each project is carefully crafted and tailored to meet your brand requirements and the expected outcome. The spectrum of digital technology changes daily, so we carry out a thorough analysis of current trends and technological advancements to find a bespoke recipe that will reach your goal. As an example, the initial ‘plan’ might have been to develop an App by an 

app developer, but after investigation, the project might be better suited to a web based system. Research at this stage of the project is key to getting it right the first time.

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Once we have found the best approach to your digital project an itemized proposal is prepared. This includes a full rundown of the strategy we will take plus your expected outcomes. We offer a price-progressive solution. This means that key stages and strategies can more often then not be staggered for a more flexible roll out on your digital investment. The proposal is then discussed to ensure a mutual understanding of the intended direction.

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Once we have the green light from you, it is all systems go. All projects are unique, but most start with an initial creative surge that delves deeper into the businesses brand to find relative creative direction. This could include the user-interface or perhaps photography and copywriting direction. A flat representation of the end product is designed, and then presented to you for feedback. Once approved, it’s heads down deep into the code.

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By this stage, everyone is eager to go from ideas and concepts to fully fledged interactive platforms. Your user-interface is sliced and diced and coded into a robust, future proof platform. We test it, by poking and prodding on various devices, operating systems and browsers.

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​​Present & Go Live

Once everything is complete, the project is then released to you for review. This is your opportunity to poke and prod and let us know of any minor amends. Any required fixes are completed, training is carried out and then is time for this project to hit the digital shelves.

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​​Support & Maintenance

We provide you with ongoing technical support. Click here for our most popular options. We create training videos, chat via webinars, phone or face to face.