Luxury Accommodation Website


Holiday dreaming with Bon Sol

Working alongside the design aesthetic from travel, documentary & lifestyle photographer Kara Rosenlund and thought leading interior designer Anna Spiro, we custom built a luxury accommodation website for bon Sol.bon Sol was briefed in as an expression of simplicity and refined elegance, therefore this luxury accommodation website needed to capture the unique landscape. For most guests, is their first impression; an introduction to the luxurious finishes and quality accommodation. Our job was to capture and clearly communicate this in a digital format.

Site Map Execution

A site map is the list of pages, detailed in the menu, of a website. The execution of a successful site map is crucial to customer enjoyment while using a website. bon Sol had a variety of stories to tell and ‘fit’ into a precise site map. Their stories included the accommodation style and quality and the location and exclusive features offered to guests. Our thoughts were that guests do not want to be overwhelmed with information, but given the right information clearly while learning about bon Sol as they journey through the website.

Live Google map feature

With stunning visuals on, it was necessary to use a map feature to show the coastal location. The Contact page  uses a live google map with custom colours. This unique map blends perfectly with the branding of bon Sol, while simultaneously providing guests with important information.

Responsive Website Design

bon Sol website is also Responsive. A responsive website is a convenient way for guests to access information anytime, from any device.Italics Bold works with you from an initial idea through to a fully functioning custom website, program, system and application. Contact us today.