Restaurant Website Design


Capturing the essence of vintage Vietnam

Storytelling through digital design is alive and well with Can Tho Kitchen Bar’s new restaurant website design. Taking their new branding onto a digital platform, we mixed vibrant imagery with the Vietnamese family history and love of food to create a colourful journey.

Mobile Friendly Search Results

As more and more searches are made everyday from smart phones, Google announced from 21 April, they would start rewarding those mobile friendly sites in search ranking. Google intends to “help users discover more mobile-friendly content” (read the blog post here). There has been a lot written about Google penalising non-mobile sites, however it’s all about ensuring your website is mobile friendly. Think of it as another way to boost your business above your competitors in the search rankings.

Responsive Websites

Can Tho Kitchen is a responsive site, ensuring customers can access their menu and make reservations seamlessly on multiple devices. This is a very good business move. Responsive, mobile friendly, sites is just another way to invite visitors to enjoy your content and buy your products, as opposed to the frustration of illegible content (too much information on a smaller screen size) therefore reduced sales.

Online Reservations

One important brief for the popular Vietnamese restaurant, well known for their share platters and social scene, was to ensure that visitors could easily make an online reservation. Online booking systems can be used in a number of ways and depends on how your business would like to manage enquiries.The three most popular ways for restaurant website design are:1. We create and build the system from scratch2. The website links to a third party gateway (therefore leaving your website)3. Embed an online contact form with unique fields, which is then emailed to you for approval and ongoing managementCan Tho Kitchen Bar opted for an online contact form. The form asks visitors for key reservation information and enables the business to cross check reservations from the website and via the phone. Easy, effective and efficient.

Instagram feed

The colourful and engaging website includes a live Instagram feed. Each time a photo is added to the social account, it is then pushed through to the home page. Instagram feeds are a smart way to add to the restaurant’s digital story, without the necessity of adding blog posts to the CMS.Contact us today about the direction of your restaurant website design.