Custom Built Web Design – Magic Millions


We are off and racing with a custom built website!

Magic Millions’ New Platform

Over the past few months we have been designing and developing a custom built website for Magic Millions. The multifaceted website showcases the three main areas of the leading horse sales and racing company. Magic Millions represents a calendar of Carnivals, Racing and Sales events. We were required to migrate thousands of entries from different modules into the new platform.The custom built website presents users with contemporary design and vital racing, sales and carnival calendar history, in a well developed and streamlined navigation menu.

Event Calendar Module

Magic Millions wanted to improve the online experience for the range of customers they attract. Each year, Magic Millions holds a large number of events for visitors with a broad range of interests. These events may be social or business orientated. The custom built website was required to meet the different needs while presenting a user friendly experience at all times. To handle the large number of events and categories of information, the website now allows users to filter by date, event and by view. Horse owners and potential buyers can filter for information about past sales, profiles and winners.  Carnivals and social events can be bookmarked and saved to a user’s personal calendar. Interstate and international visitors can filter by location within the Your Stay section. The directory map lists categories for each location. Visitors may like to know about hotels, eateries, attractions, nightlife and the racecourse. Within the new custom built website, information can be easily accessed.

Advanced Content Management System (CMS)

Part of the client’s brief was to improve the website’s management system. The request was to move to an advanced system to enable staff to easily update content when necessary. We recommended WordPress due to its scalability, flexibility and its ease of content updates for clients who do not possess web-coding knowledge. Read more about the response from Magic Millions here

“Thank you to Italics Bold for the tremendous job on our brand new Magic Millions website. We have received a lot of very positive feedback from clients and suppliers, so we couldn’t be happier. It was a pleasure to work alongside Nick and the team in the design and development of our multifaceted site. We appreciated the constant support and guidance every step of the way. The menu items and layout make navigating a breeze, something that was a priority for our customers. Thank you.”

Val Hayward

Social Media Feed

Connecting users with social media accounts, via your website, it a great way to encourage conversation.

The Magic Millions’ website does just that. The custom built website pulls in the live photo gallery feed from Facebook. This connects users with recent events. The new website also connects with users via live Instagram and Twitter feeds, providing a platform for conversation whether for leisure or business.

Responsive Website Design

The website is also Responsive, adding a convenient way to access information anytime, from any device.

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