Online Marketplace Website


Creating a customised online shop

Fur Legged Family approached us to design and custom build a high impact, easy to use online marketplace website. The website houses products and services for pets and brings community awareness to the benefits of adoption and animal rescue centres.

The team here at Italics Bold created the master plan of the marketplace website. We first strategically planned the customer journey from site map drafts all the way through to the last clickable button. Designing how the marketplace would first work created a clear path for what the product would look.

PHP Application

Using PHP scripting language we were able to create dynamic web page content for Fur Legged Family sellers and shoppers.

The online marketplace website allows merchants to establish their online shop within Fur Legged Family with personalised sign in/log in features and sales reports for stock tracking. Anyone selling industry related products can create a shop and list multiple items with description and images, product variations and shipping options. A seller can also offer shoppers store vouchers which is a great way to attract customers to their shop.

Custom Built Websites gives you design flexibility

Fur Legged Family chose to create a custom built website. This gave the process the green light for design ideas, layouts, changes and add-ons. You name it, we could do it because this online marketplace website was ours for the making. Website templates can serve a purpose, however it does limit design ideas and puts an immediate stop to ideas, such as add-ons, that may arise once the project is under way.

Marketplace website functionality

We designed the Fur Legged Family to be a simple way to shop. Customers can access the marketplace on their mobile phones, tablet and desktop computers. Responsive websites fit multiple screen sizes to accommodate for the variety of ways customers access information on the internet.

Each store on Fur Legged Family also features an automatic payment function for streamlined shopping and instant shipping calculated by postcode. is an online marketplace website with an Australian wide database for pet products, services and rescue centres.

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