Bridge the gap between human and machine.
There is often a void between the customer and the product or service.
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User Experience Design

Great User Experience (UX) goes unnoticed. UX is when a user can seamlessly complete their desired task, without getting frustrated at the technology. UX is the corner stone of an exceptional website. We specialise in creating enjoyable and efficient marketing websites, large scale systems and mobile apps.

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User Interface Design

User Interface design is the visual component of the website or digital product. It’s what the customer can see and covers the obvious things like fonts, colours, images and icons, as well as more choice of space, contrast and composition. 

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It’s more than just a logo or an image, branding encompasses your whole organisation. It’s the personality behind your business. How will customers engage with you, remember you, talk about you and what will they liken you to? Italics Bold Gold Coast creates confident, memorable and engaging identities.

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Graphic Design

Graphic Design is the backbone of what we do. With symbiotic careers in Fine Art and Digital Development, the importance of good design is vital at Italics Bold. We believe in clarity and creativity. Click here to read more about our Gold Coast Custom Graphic Design Services .