Bolder, bigger, better? Rebrand your business


Rebranding is important, but is it just an excuse to go bolder and bigger to be better?

This quick answer is no.

Rebrand your business

The purpose of a rebrand is to create an identity that positions your business as an industry leader. You can go bolder and bigger later, in a marketing campaign. Take the time to rebrand your business so that it is used as the foundation for onboarding and affirming with current customers an ethos of progression, credibility and stability.

A unique customer identity is vital for the growth of all businesses. While the logo has a part to play, we take a much broader view and look at all brand touch points, including the name, colours, typography, photography and other aesthetic ques. The result is a cohesive set of communication tools that strengthen the company’s position in the market.

Brand design process

To rebrand your business encompasses a number of items, which are compiled into a Brand Guideline document and assets kit. Even though the logo is a major part of this, we take a holistic approach to your identity. Included in our brand web design process is:

Research and Product Name Selection

Comparing the market, we will present three names that are unique and marketable, along with checking for Domain and Business Name availability. We present two naming options. Once one is chosen, the below items are produced and presented.



Logo Design

Once a name is chosen one design is presented and three rounds of changes are included.

Typography Selection

It’s important to have consistency and individuality with the fonts that you use through both print and digital collateral. We will determine a good fit for the logo and industry.

Tagline and Elevator Pitch

A tagline usually accommodates your logo, but can also be used on its own as part of your collateral to further portray the services of the business. On top of this, we create a 10 second description of the service, which gives stakeholders and employees a clear script to communicate the business’ purpose to outsiders.

Colour Selection

Comparing competition and market expectations, we determine an optimal colour palette for your brand.

Secondary Design asset

We will create a unique visual texture or background element that can be used in collateral to further extend the brands visual appearance.

Photography choice

Stock photography examples, demonstrating the style of imagery which help to communicate your brand’s niche and environment.

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