Web development

the design and development journey

Website development is watching your idea come to life

Once the website design is approved, we move into the website development phase.

Development is done behind a holding page so that the public does not see it. A log in is created for all parties to view the site through the development phase. We pride ourselves on being transparent with each project and that includes what is involved with development.

What is involved with website development

HTML/CSS development and CMS integration. This is where the flat graphic is coded and integrated into WordPress
• Migration of all relevant content into the site
• Contact Form setup and testing (includes Google map of location if required)
• Initial SEO configuration. A well structured site that considers industry SEO practices will have a better chance of ranking highly with Google
• Responsive layout (RWD). Italics Bold websites have a robust framework to adapt to desktop, tablet and smartphone specs. This ensures the site is user friendly on all display sizes, so customers stay on your site.
• eNewsletter signup form

Responsive Website Design

We tailor make our websites to be Responsive with industry standard SEO setup. We recommend WordPress due to its scalability, flexibility and its ease of content updates for clients who do not possess web-coding knowledge. With customers using smartphones and tablets to browse for information, Responsive Website Design (RWD) has become increasingly important to create a website that is seamless across multiple user platforms. In our research, we have found that Google not only recommends RWD as the best way to target mobile users, but also favours mobile-optimized sites when presenting results for searches made on a mobile device.

Transparent website development

Throughout the website design and development journey, we are transparent and honest. If we all decided that an additional functionality would be a benefit to your site, that was not in the initial brief, then rest assured any costs will be communicated. Regular contact between us and our clients allows clear lines of communication and a positive working environment.