Upcycle – Ystudio shows us how

Ystudio has joined a growing trend to re-purpose and re-value objects with a variety of analogue photographic devices.

The Taiwanese company uses cameras, lenses and bulbs that are often thrown away, to create striking furniture. Rather than allowing these cameras to be discarded, which to be honest is just short sighted, ystudio has used the original components coupled with new handcrafted bases and structures to repurpose each design, also known as upcycle.

Choose from desk lamps, wall lamps and floor lamps which are both functional and stunning. The most striking element is how ystudio has moved away from the ‘use and discard lifestyle’ and breathed new life into once discarded objects. Recycled pieces, especially if they are stylish and clever, have far more appeal than something mass produced.

Repurposed Cameras

Repurposed Cameras

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