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Listen to the restaurant recording here

Can you tell that the male voice is AI? What do you think of Google’s AI and how it is setting the standard. It is so realistic to us and yes, a little creepy even.
Google’s CEO Sundar Pichai said “I think it was the first ‘Um.’ That was the moment when I realized I was hearing something extraordinary: A computer carrying out a completely natural and very human-sounding conversation with a real person. And it wasn’t just a random talk. This conversation had a purpose, a destination: to make an appointment at a hair salon.” 

The recordings below of a hair salon appointment and the restaurant reservation are incredible. The AI’s are met with a few obstacles that could not have been scripted or planned.

Listen to the hair salon recording here with a female AI

Listen again to the restaurant recording here with a male AI


Read the full article by Lance Ulanoff here


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