Case Study

Courses and training platform for professional development start up

We designed and built a Learning Management System for ConnectedLE, a start-up that focuses on providing professional development courses and training to schools, organisations and indiviudals.

Custom Built Courses Platform

The client

ConnectedLe is an online platform that provides courses aimed at teachers and support staff. The courses cover a range of topics, that give teachers the tools to provide their own students support for mental health conditions.

"The initial roll out went so well. We are now onboarding 20 staff for our first school and 18 Staff for the second... things are happening... it is very exciting."

connectedLE course info

The problem

When we first met with ConnectedLE, they were in search of a platform that could provided some key functionality for the online courses they were planning to create. There was nothing on the market that could cater for all aspects of their vision. 

Dealing with a number of organisation types, they needed the ability to package up courses, as well as sell them individually. They also needed some specific reporting options for both the organisations as well as for self assessment. Certificate creation and the offering of collated resources was also needed for each course.

The solution

We designed and built a custom Learning Management System that allowed ConnectedLE to launch their business quickly.

UI/UX Design

We started the project by researching existing platforms. There was then a collaboration period to understand the specific requirements needed to make ConncetedLE a success.

A proof of concept was designed as a flat graphic to quickly tease out any issues with the customer journey. This also laid the ground work for the backend requirements.

This prototype went through a few iterations until all parties were happy with the end result. We then moved into the development phase.

Courses and Training Platform


Using the high-fidelity designs, the database was planned out. The Admin panel was built alongside the front end, to pick up any real-world adjustments early.

Using the initial course as a test, the backend functionality for creating courses was tested for all known scenarios. This always results in back-and-forth communication with the client to confirm assumptions and make adjustments on the fly.


Once a full course was in a good position, we moved into a heavy testing phase with the client. This solidified requirements around reporting and certificate creation. External testing was also performed with a close knit group to gather more outsider feedback.

We rapidly resolved bugs and improvements until the platform was robust enough for a soft launch. 

ConncetedLE Report


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"We did a demo at [disclosed school] yesterday, which went so well – we were able to show them all around our LMS and they were suitably impressed."

Nicole Evans
ConnectedLE Co-Founder
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