Case Study

Device ordering, clinic bookings & warehouse fulfillment

We helped Good Sleep Co. by streamlining their sleep device bookings, lab case recordings, referrals and end-to-end business operations

Custom User Interface Design

The client

Good Sleep Co. is a sleep apnea device company. They manufacture, and distribute snoring and sleep apnea products that offer quality sleep and convenience. They facilitate the interaction between clinic and patient to ensure patients are cared for and clinics have what they need to diagnose and prescribe solutions for sleep apnea and snoring.

The problem

When we first met with Good Sleep Co. there was nothing on the market that offered an end to end solution for managing everything within their manufacturing processes, patient records and lab cases. With plans for international expansion, they needed a digital ecosystem that could grow along side the businesses changing requirements.

The solution

We designed and built a custom platform that solves their operational pain points, allowing them to service more customers in less time.

What did we have a part in?:

  1. Development of their Patient facing online store, which is a first point of contact for those in need of relief from snoring and sleep apnea.
  2. Design and development of a backend system that manages Lab Cases, device fitment tracking and clinic process and records (Design and).
  3. Design and development of a Mobile App that assists patients through education and instructional guides on using their devices.
Good Sleep Co

Online Store

Built on Shopify, the Good Sleep Co. online store provides a clear and informative purchasing experience for a complicated product offering. Patients are often unaware of their needs when it comes to sleep apnea and snoring.  We combat this by providing a clear decision pathway starting with a trial device, through to permanent.


The Resdent web app is the engine of the business. It allows Good Sleep Co. to manage the entire device fitment and fulfilment process. Clinics can easily see where each patient case is at, along with actionable “next steps” that help keep deliverables on track.

Resdent Lab Cases

SleepCare Mobile App

Patent education is a major part of the business. The SleepCare mobile app provides a simple, easy reference point for patients wanting to improve their sleep  and limit their snoring. The app is available on both iOS and Android.

sleepcare app


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“The Resdent system just keeps getting better guys. Note sure how we would have manage to grow the business without it.”

Joel Simpson
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