Case Study

Exercise and nutrition tracking system

We designed and built a portal for health and fitness influencers that focus on helping busy women lose fat, build muscle & feel their best while finding food freedom.

Find Your Balance Dashboard

The client

Find Your Balance is a start-up run by two certified personal trainers and qualified pharmacists. They provide their customers with exercise and nutrition plans, along with goal setting, recipes and progress reports.

"Just wanted to let you guys know that we've had some amazing feedback from our customers already."

The problem

There are a number of off-the-shelf apps targetted to personal trainers and nutrition coaches to help them run their business. But there was nothing all encompassing that would cater for all aspects of the Find Your Balance service offering.

Trying to use multiple applications to help their customers manage the different aspects of health, nutrition as well as education and goal setting was a clunky experience for both the business owners, and their customers.

The solution

An evolving web application that combines all the necessary functionality needed to best serve their customers.

Core features

The Find Your Balance web app has grown alongside the business. This is one of the key benefits of a custom built system, it can constantly be improved and changed as the business requirements change.

Over the last few years, we’ve built in the following key areas:

  • Dashboard: A quick glance at your key stats
  • Nutrition: An in-depth view showing targets and meal plans
  • Recipes: A library of filterable recipes, along with targetted recipes for each customer
  • Training: Prescribed training routines and progress chart
  • Exercise Library: Access to video and written descriptions 
  • Progress: Global view of exercise and nutritional progress
  • Learning Hub: Courses to help customers on their journey
  • Goal Setting and Reflection: A simple way to track what you want to achieve and progress made. 

Backend Admin

The web apps backend allows the business owners a simple but powerful interface where they can manage all aspects of the portal.

They can manage more clients and at the same time, provide more value for each customer. 

Balance progress


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"We've just ticked over 1000 users, which we could never have imagined doing so quickly without the FYB dashboard."

Holly Vogt
Find Your Balance Co-Founder
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