Why switch to DIY SEO?

Do it yourself SEO

A lot of businesses are suddenly finding themselves twiddling their thumbs. Certain industries have had their customer base completely destroyed.

Some questions to ponder:

• Has your business model taken a dip wIth the COVID-19 fallout? 
• Do you or your employees now suddenly have more time up their sleeve?
• Are you spending thousands on SEO even though your customers won’t be buying from you anytime soon? 

Perhaps you’ve chatted to your SEO company, and they have given you the speil that if you stop your SEO campaign, you’ll completely lose your rankings, and it will cost even more to get them back once business is good again.

Well there is some truth to that, but since you probably have some spare time up your sleeve, there are other options. Given that this will last a good 6 months, it’s time you upskill and save your business from pouring money into SEO when there are limited or no customers.

Now is the perfect time to try our DIY SEO platform

You’ll be able to cut out some huge ongoing costs, maintain your rankings, and learn a thing or two about how to get your site ranking better.

It’s purpose-built for businesses not wanting to commit to long term, expensive SEO contracts and it guides you through everything you need to do to improve your rankings.

Our Gold Coast Web Design team helps business thrive online by taking a holistic view of their digital footprint.

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