So, um… what’s a Privacy Policy?

privacy policy

With each website we build comes the inevitable question to the client “can you send through your Privacy Policy and any other legal documents you need on your site?”

99% of the time this question is met with a response of “oh, what’s that, and can you set that up?”

The short answer, is well, no.

A Privacy Policy is a legal document, and we are not lawyers, so this type of work is not in our bag-of-tricks. Saying that, we’ve compiled a list of firms below that you can use to either generate your own from a template, or reach out to a provider that specialises in legal documents for website.


A website privacy policy states how a business will deal with the personal information of its users. If you collect ANY data from your website visitors it is recommended and often legally required to have a Privacy Policy.

Legal Vision States “An Australian Privacy Principles entity (primarily Australian Government agencies and large private sector organisations with a turnover of more than $3 million) must have a clearly expressed and up to date Privacy Policy. “

If you are targeting customers in the European Union, a privacy policy is paramount in gaining trust as well as maintaining your GDPR requirements.

It’s not just a Privacy Policy that might be needed on your site. Other legal documents can include:

  • Website terms of use
  • Terms of Service
  • Shipping Policy
  • Refunds and Returns policy

Some industries also require specific documents or license numbers that need to be displayed on each page of your website. You should check with any governing body to see if there any requirements or recommendations.

Here are a list of Australian based firms that specialise in producing Privacy Policies and other legal documents for your website.

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