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Website tours

Websites with walkthrough steps or a ‘tour’ is a convenient way to guide a user around your site. You have probably seen this type of function on Facebook, when changes happen to a page and the admin takes you on a ‘tour’. Pop-ups appear at each new point of difference, allowing for effortless training and showcasing the new platform at the user’s own pace. Learning at an individual pace means no one misses important steps. Allow users to tour your website when there is something new or around a complex form.

If you have a new function, such as appointment booking forms or a competition for users to enter, add a ‘tour’. Here at Italics Bold, it is all part of a website proposal, or we can just add it to your existing site.

Website Success

We believe the customer journey and clarity of navigation plays a primary role in the success of your website.

When we meet with potential clients, a very popular topic of discussion is customer retention. When a client has successfully mastered driving customers to their website, they can be faced with a very high bounce rate. Bounce rates are when people arrive at your site, but spend very little time looking around and ‘bounce’ off to another address. The first step is getting them to your site and the next hurdle is keeping them there. The ultimate goal is either an enquiry or a direct sale. In order to retain customers, your website needs to be easy to understand, easy to read and easy to navigate.

Add a walkthrough effect to your website

Call out new features to your app or website with walkthrough steps. Maybe you have had a product refresh and would like to guide your users through. Adding a dynamic walkthrough plug-in will assist users on a new or complex page on your website. Plus, you can control how people interact with your site while keeping them active and informed.

Chat to us about adding walkthrough steps to your site or app today.

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