The shift to online shopping

online shopping surge
With online sales surging in response to the global pandemic, you’ve got to question if your business is part of the success.

Massive online shopping shift

You’ve seen it, heard it, experienced it. The shift in behaviour to online shopping. Part necessity but majority, well, because it’s easy. Daily we read about the online sales hike, bricks and mortar closures with a pivot to online, department store giant Myer rehiring 2,000 staff to cope with online shopping demand and residential delivery amounts which reflect the Christmas rush! Not to mention the new standard business response thanking customers for their patience due to increased levels of enquiries. But our favourite? Spotify CEO who says the platform is experiencing Black Friday level traffic every day! 

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Online Shopping is the new normal

There is a clear demand for online shopping and with the virus hanging around for longer than we all anticpated, this isn’t just a phase. You might think that your bricks and mortar store might just ‘pick up’ again post lockdown, however if your customer’s spending behaviour is shifting to digital channels, it will take awhile, if ever, to revert back to normal. Presently, the new normal is online. So we ask, are you missing out on sales now? Is your business making the pivot online? If so, are you doing it well?

Coronavirus effect on online shopping

COVID-19’s stay at home orders and social gathering restrictions has had a huge impact on customer online shopping behaviour. If you are running an online store, has your traffic skyrocketed or if you are yet to make the change to online, now is the time to act. 

We are seeing how customers are changing their shopping behaviours during this period of isolation. From the local store’s reports of bulk buying to online shopping, customers are changing what, when and how they are buying.

Top tips for your online shop 

Here are our tips to ensure your online shop is ready to react:
  • Responsive website for desktop, mobile and tablet use
  • Simple payment options such as paypal
  • Social Media presence for customer support
  • Simple menu design for easy search and purchase
  • Great imagery. If a customer can’t touch the product, crisp imagery is the next best thing.

If you are thinking of starting, updating or adding to your online store, now is the time. Re-tool your operations to handle demand and be an option for your customers to choose during this period.

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