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Our Digital Agency Gold Coast always try to stress the importance of a good site map and site plan. It can save a bucket load of time (and money). Whether you are creating a completely new website, or adding to an already established website, a sitemap will give your web designer a greater understanding of your expectations and the scope of work. There are a number of ways a sitemap can be put together. A simple pencil sketch, a word doc that lists the webpages and sections or a dedicated application like this one.

Slickplan is a web based application that allows you to create, edit and collaborate on your sitemap. The intuitive interface allows you to drag and drop, collaborate and undo edits with ease.

Although we often start with a quick sketch when planning with clients, we move across to a Slickplan as soon as possible. The true power of this site planning application is the ability to add, delete and move pages on the fly.

Check it out next time you need to plan out your website.

Website Planning Sitemap Gold Coast

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