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Facebook shares, Twitter ‘tweets’, Google Plus links and more

Does your website have a share tool for your audience to share with their friends and followers? We are not talking about a ‘Connect with us on Facebook’ icon on your Contact Us page, but a custom link, for each page of content.

By embedding share links on your website, you are encouraging readers to share your business and services with others. It might be a travel offer, a discount voucher, a blog post, a video or your Services page; whatever pages are on your site map, add a ‘share’ tool and make it easy for your readers to share information.

There are a few share link plug-ins that can be used which create very simple ways for your readers to share and recommend to their chosen social site. Your company does not need to have a Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Plus or Pinterest account as the reader shares your content and your message to their page. Once shared, this opens the door to endless potential clients, who are introduced to your services through friendly recommendations from someone they know. Now that is powerful.

How do share links work?

At the bottom of this post you will see a share link to Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus. Once you click on the link, you will be prompted to share this post with your ‘friends’. It’s that simple.

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Here’s a list of some FREE share links you can use on your site:

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