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Does your Search Engine Marketing need an overhaul?

According to our Digital Agency Gold Coast, Search Engine Marketing or SEM, in short, is one of the most effective ways to bring traffic to your website as it increases the visibility of a website.

However, most of the business owners out there make a mistake when it comes to implementation of SEM and they end up wasting their hard-earned money, time and resources.

SEM has two aspects: Pay-Per-Click or PPC in short and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). Mostly, SEO is applied to a site’s content free of charge. However, for it to bring desired results, proper techniques during its implementation have to be used. PPC is a paid option that can market a site online.

In fact, it can help a site rank on the first page of search results. If used properly, SEM can be a powerful marketing tool for promoting a website. Despite the fact that it is a useful tool, many people are not getting desired results from SEM. Read on to know why.

Signs That It’s Time to Consider Overhauling Your Search Engine Marketing

If you want your website to be successful, you should focus on two things: making your site user-friendly and promoting your website. According to Sydney wedding celebrant Fiona King, “You can make your site user-friendly by breaking up content and creating engaging content, such as including a high quality video of your work”.

You can also make your site user-friendly by improving the site navigation and including contact information.

Using effective SEM strategies can help you enjoy the benefits that SEM has to offer. However, if you realise that your SEM is not bringing desired results, it is good to consider an overhaul.

Here are the 4 signs that tell you it’s time to consider a search engine marketing overhaul:

1. Lack of a Clear Strategy

Search Engine Marketing needs a clear strategy that outlines your goals. Experimenting with different techniques is not a good idea when using SEM. You should also ensure that your strategy accounts for your resources.  Your plan should help you improve your website’s ranking and attract visitors to your website.

Using images and embedding videos related to your content can help you create SEO related content. You should also test paid ads to find the most effective ads. Once you know the most effective ads, pay search engines to place them online.

2. When Your Site Is Not Mobile-Friendly

Many people use mobile phones to access the internet. In fact, research has shown that the number of people accessing the internet through their mobile phones is more than the number of people accessing the internet on their computers. According to bathroom renovators at Brian Thurtell, “You’ll find that services such as emergency plumbing will get you phone leads, and you want to make sure you have provided an easy way to access your contact number”. 

As such, it is a good idea to consider making your website mobile-friendly. If your website is not user-friendly, you may not be reaching all your potential customers.

3. You Don’t Have the Metrics

Having no metrics is another sign that tells you that you need to consider overhauling your SEM. It is a good idea to know the amount of traffic your website gets and the amount of time visitors spend on your site. You should also have the tools to track user activity.

This information will tell you where and how to improve your website performance. Some people start promoting their sites before setting up the tools to measure the results. As such, measuring results is very important.

4. No Engagement or Improvement

Lack of improvement is another sign that tells you that you need an SEM overhaul. SEM cannot bring desired results if you aren’t getting enough engagement with your content or enough visitors. Lack of improvement or engagement shows that the techniques you are using are ineffective. A results-driven company can help you solve this problem. They achieve this by boosting engagement and improving your content hence improving leads and sales.

Are You Ready to Get Your Website Designed and Optimised for Search Engines?

Search Engine Marketing will not work if it is not reviewed. So, if you want to enjoy the benefit of search engine marketing, you have to review it from time to time. One of the major benefits of doing this, is it will help you attract traffic to your website.

If you don’t review your search engine marketing, your leads, customer engagement and sales will reduce. Reviewing your search engine marketing will help identify any issues early enough and fix them as soon as possible.

Would you like to know more about website design and search engine optimisation? If so, contact the team at Italics Bold today.

Written by: Megan Rees

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