A friendly approach to business

Friendly Approach

Client meetings and conversations seem to be a running thread on our blog, however it is our consistent client interaction that helps us to develop as a business.

Reliable Web Service is important

At the beginning of a recent client meeting, we were told that they (the client) were looking for someone who is reliable and who communicates well. The client wanted reassurance and most of all a commitment from us. Reliability and the necessity for transparency is something that many businesses promote proudly and is something that customers will always search for. We see businesses continue to champion their brand with connotations of honesty, integrity and trust, hoping to engage with customers on a personal level. We have written about our point of difference of clear and precise communication and our referral built portfolio, in a recent blog post due to a client’s search for reliable web service. Reliability and communication are vital for effective business practice and it is clear that some big names continue to advertise these positive attributes.

Commonwealth Bank Advertisement

Have you seen the current Commonwealth Bank advertisements about promoting the benefits of savings to Australian youth? Commonwealth Bank are clearly aware of the importance of a bank who is reliable and that this is a key decision maker when choosing a bank (Which Bank?). The bank use well known Australian personalities to help create a friendly and honest atmosphere. The advertisement features three faces whose brands have been established around family, honesty, success and reliability. What do you think of the personality choices? Does Glen McGrath, Kerri-Anne Kennerley and/or Dr Chris Brown resonate with you? Each story or reflection from their childhood establishes a sense of real life. Viewers are encouraged to think about their experiences of saving and the joy that independence brings.

Watch one of the commercials below and get in contact with us for reliable web service

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