The power of eNewsletters

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How eNewsletters establish your business personality

While social media is an effective avenue to engage your audience with topical information, you run the risk of being missed. eNewsletters hit a customer’s inbox and are personal (if you use them correctly). eNewsletters allow your business to hold 100% share of voice, with a variety of information that explains your point of difference.

How you can grow your database

If you haven’t already, setup a bulk mail database that can be integrated on your website. When people visit your website, give them the opportunity sign up to your database through a simple online form. It’s a good idea to give your readers a reason for signing up. It might be to receive discounts or relevant information about your industry. Even if you are not ready to send your first eNewsletter, it is beneficial to start building your database now. Once your database starts to grow, your can then begin planning an eMarketing campaign.

What do your eNewsletters say about your business?

We have all seen eNewsletters used incorrectly. Whether they are content heavy, sent too often in the one week; which results in people becoming annoyed and unsubscribing or that they are impersonal. Your eNewsletters need to engage and retain your database. Now is a great time to reflect and ask what do your eNewsletters say about your business? Ask yourself what would you like to know about your business? What are your points of difference? And most importantly, think about your target audience. If you are not your target audience, then ask someone who is. When does your audience check their emails? If your business targets stay at home mothers or fathers, then do not send your eNewsletters at dinnertime. If your audience targets home buyers then think about their interests and what vital information they would need to know. Is it instilling confidence by showing that your business are award-winning builders? What about the average build time? Keeping content relevant and timing accurate is your key to cutting through the competition.

How eNewsletters help retain clients

Also consider establishing an emotional connection with your customer database. By offering advice through your blog, opening the floor for feedback and suggestions are ideal ways to establish transparency with your audience. Ask your friends and colleagues about the importance of a business that exudes transparency. It establishes trust and therefore creates an emotional connection. Your business suddenly has personality, rather than a business that is about making money. Clients will recommend your business to their friends, speak highly of you in social situations and therefore you are retaining clients while expanding your presence. For example, when Italics Bold creates a proposal for potential clients, it is very important to be clear about what is included and that there are no hidden costs. We map out what is included and highlight that if the project deviates from the proposed plan, that we will open the communication lines early.

The power of a custom designed eNewsletter for your business

There are templates that businesses can purchase that give you a basic structure to set up your eNewsletters, but you do not want to look like the rest, feel like the rest and sound like the rest? With a custom built eNewsletter your reader will be impressed and you are one step closer to creating that emotional connection and instilling confidence.

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