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Video Website Design

Enter, Zakpage. Our bright new shiny object!

AKA our latest website design creation that will have you in awe of its beauty, video website design and contemporary functionality… that’s the experience we had in mind when creating the website.

Zakpage is a bespoke studio fusing various disciplines to create elegant visual narratives. We let our imagination run free on this project and create a story that we hope projects our client’s work as beautifully as they do.

Video Website Design

Zakpage opens with a full screen video background, immediately creating a sense of glamour. This custom built video website design is engaging and intriguing. Visitors sit back and enjoy the various video portfolio posts, be inspired by quotations from author’s of art and are informed on the services offered. Video website design is a unique way to introduce clients to your body of work and reach out in a way that creates a personal atmosphere.

Parallax with a difference

Parallax scrolling is a particular scrolling technique where background images move slower that the speed of information sitting in the foreground. Parallax creates a stunning 2D illusion and defines sections of a one page website layout. Zakpage uses CSS3 blur transition with parallax, creating an intriguing user experience.

CSS3 Blur Transition

Zakpage website uses parallax scrolling technique with video and CSS3 blur transition. The story of each section emerges slowly between each scroll. As the user moves down the website, each item at first appears blurred, but as they transition the story is revealed. Using CSS3 blur transitions, the dramatic point of difference of this website is apparent. Custom built functionality encourages users to look closer, enjoy the website and products and stay on the page longer. In this case we are experiencing or becoming part of Zakpage’s story.

For a website with a difference that will engage and connect with visitors, contact us today.