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Health and Fitness Website

Motivate, inspire and perform

Here at Italics Bold we embed this active language into our daily lifestyle, which we hope communicates through our beloved digital projects. When we got the call from Blivewear to update their health and fitness website we jumped, (pun intended), at the chance!

B, who is a Mum of two, full time primary school teacher and health and fitness guru to over 12,000 Instagram followers, had a plethora of images and blog posts which provided us with a great start to build her inspirational health and fitness website.

Blivewear’s goal is ‘to help as many women as possible discover a healthy balance for the betterment of their lives and those of their children’.

eCommerce Website offers motivational blog posts on food, fitness, family and fashion plus an online shop. The eCommerce element features B’s new ebook ‘Kickstarter’ with the flexibility to expand with further items and categories such as fashion. The user-friendly navigation of the eCommerce element allows customers to easily select their product, add-to-cart and checkout through a simple and effective payment journey.

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Fitness Blogs

With over daily exercise tips and tricks, it’s no wonder we put down our sugared snacks and became inspired by B’s lifestyle tips and recommendations. Each blog post can be shared seamlessly to B’s multiple social sites and in-turn, Instagram posts will link through the website’s homepage. Visitors to the site are able to enjoy the range of stimulating images and video posts of B’s active lifestyle.

Responsive Website

The website is also Responsive, adding a convenient way to access information anytime from any device.

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