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Email Newsletters

Gold Coast Cabs is an effective and trusted means of travel by residents of and visitors to the Gold Coast. Gold Coast Cabs partnered with Tini Media and Italics Bold to engage with their customers and promote their new mobile booking app through email newsletters.

When creating the email newsletters we used effective design to:

1. engage customers to enter the competition and,

2. create a clear call to action to download the app.

Rather than expecting people to proactively go to itunes to download the application, the email newsletter provided a direct link.

Email Newsletters

  • Put effort into the design From the clean lines and high-quality photos to effective brand placement, each email newsletter should be easy to read and understand.
  • Create an effective subject line With inbox being flooded with marketers every day, your brand and message needs to have cut through.
  • Appeal to people outside of your target market Intrigue everyone! Ensure your content is appealing to a range of groups and interests. This can only improve your conversion.
  • Include a Call to Action How are you going to get your reader to call you, email you, download your app and buy your product? Each newsletter needs to have an easy way for your audience to get in touch.

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