Marketing for the holidays


What does your business have planned to implement over the Christmas and New Year period? You might be thinking, nothing, time for some well deserved R&R, but it’s this time that your customers have time off too. They have more time to crawl the web, plan for 2015 and purchase online. Let’s get your website ready, an eMarketing strategy planned and ensure that your branding has the cut through to earn those valuable enquiries.

Marketing for the holidays

For the last few years,  January has been our biggest months for business enquiries. Following the holidays, businesses are back with a bang. Refreshed and ready for a re-brand, a new or updated website and ready to implement a unique eMarketing campaign. By the time the project is planned, designed, developed and launched January has passed. Businesses have missed that New Year window when customers are hungry and in a state of bliss. That’s why it is important to plan for the holiday season and be ready for customers who are refreshed and ready to make a commitment to their ‘New Years Resolution’. Now is the time to connect with your audience, build relationships, gain new clients and be ready to start the New Year.

There is still time to plan and enjoy your holiday.

Web Design Gold Coast (and more)

You are probably wondering what about your holiday? You can have a holiday too! You just need to be prepared for it now. Here is a list of services we can help you with:

  • Web Design
  • Web Development
  • SEO – Search Engine Optimisation
  • eCommerce sites – Online shops with immediate purchase function
  • Online Booking Systems to help manage your business for staff and for customers
  • Technical Support
  • Branding, Digital and Graphic Design
  • Advertising database drive campaigns
  • eNewsletter campaigns and set ups
  • eMail Signatures with your businesses branding or unique signatures with sale banners, campaign messages, new products
  • Social media strategies and campaigns
  • Copywriting services for your website or printed collateral such as marketing brochures

Contact us today and we can start the conversion to get your marketing for the holidays planned.

Italics Bold is a creative services and web design studio on the Gold Coast. We help businesses thrive on the web by taking a holistic approach to their digital space, including website, branding, email marketing and social media.

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