LiveShare PS Plug-in shares designs in real-time

LiveShare PS Plug-in

Sharing live, is better than sharing later

In Vision’s LiveShare PS plug-in broadcasts your Photoshop documents live during meetings. Because this PS plug-in is in live time, whatever changes you or your attendees make, will be updated on your document. What a great feature to have when your designers / team are off site or during client meetings (you can show clients exactly why cluttering up that white space just will not work)!

Another great feature of LiveShare PS is mobile mirroring. If your designers or clients are out and about and can’t get infront of a computer, then LiveShare PS allows viewers to preview the documents form their mobile device.

Share ideas live in your web design meetings from Photoshop, instead of sharing later after 100 other ideas have been discussed. We think live Share PS will help to streamline our meetings and provide a useable collaboration tool. LiveShare gives us the freedom and flexibility to conduct real-time meetings and opportunities to review and share ideas.

Have we mentioned LiveShare PS is free?

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