The power of an inhouse system development

A lot of our clients seek assistance in the digital marketing and promotions of their product or services. More often than not the goal is to acquire and retain customers. We love helping to tackle this necessary tactic, but often find that restructuring a businesses inhouse systems is the key to maximising a current customer base and assisting future growth.

Most small to medium size businesses are unaware of the benefits a purpose built platform can provide in day-to-day procedures.

Excel spreadsheets can only take you so far.

A recent project that confirmed this for us again was a media booking platform that we recently created for Stihl. Stihl needed a custom built inhouse system that could manage and track the advertising budgets of over 200 Australian retailers. We designed and developed a web based portal that allows Stihl retailers to log in and request advertising from their Ad Agency based on current and yearly budgets.

This web based portal also has a powerful reporting function that is built in, rather than separate excel spreadsheets to track important data. This integration of live booking and reporting save time

The reporting section shows actual and ideal spend on a monthly bases and can be filtered at a territory, state and national level. Previews of ads are uploaded and managed by Stihl administrators and can be viewed by dealers when placing a booking. The systems overall key feature of automation has increased productivity and reduced human error. If your business relies on complex excel spreadsheets (that can be accidentally deleted and lost forever) get in touch to see how inhouse system software development can help increase productivity and grow your business.

How can a web based system help with my business?

If you use Microsoft Excel to track sales, stock, budgets, staff rostering, wages or any other type of data, a purpose built system can greatly increase productivity and business growth.

Why a web based system?

As the way we do business changes and evolves, the main benefit of a web based portal is that it is available from any computer with internet access. Collaboration with both staff and clients is easier as there is one centralised portal.

You might run a restaurant and desperately need an online booking and staff rostering portal. Or perhaps your factory requires an inventory and invoicing tool specific to your industry. All business models can benefit from a custom built application.

Find out how by getting in touch.

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