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To make the most of this, we all need a clear understanding of where you are now and where you want to be. This may even give you clarity on what you need in a website. If there are questions you can’t answer, it’s no big deal, just skip it and we can have a chat about anything you don’t understand.

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    Do you currently have a website or registered domain name?

    Will you be supplying the logo and brand elements (Colours, fonts etc)?


    What are your products or services?

    Who is your target market?

    What is the main goal of your website?

    Are there any examples of websites that you like or dislike?

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    Most websites can be broken up into Static Pages or Dynamic Sections. Common Static Pages include About, Contact, Our Staff, Testimonials etc. They are pages that don’t change very often, but are always part of the site. Dynamic Sections include things like Latest News, Featured Events, Galleries, Directory Listings etc. These are updated regularly with new content and usually have some additional functionality compared to a Static Page

    Please list the STATIC PAGES you might require. Below are some common ones to get you started:

    Please list any DYNAMIC SECTIONS that you might require. Below are some common ones to get you started:


    Do you need copy writing services (text, headlines etc)?

    Do you need us to source imagery?

    We will be supplying all images/photosWe need you to source all images/photosWe need you to source some images/photosNot sure, how does it normally work?


    Do you need any add-ons? There are some listed below to get you started.


    Do you need an eMarketing platform or strategy?

    Do you currently use an eMarketing Platform?


    What Social media sites is your business currently actively involved on?

    Do you require assistance setting up or improving your Social Media strategy?


    All websites need to be hosted on a server somewhere. We can offer this as part of our service, or can recommend some trusted hosting companies that are australian based with excellent support.

    Do you need help with organising hosting for you website?


    How many email accounts do you anticipate needing?

    Do you need assistance setting up your email account in your email client (Outlook, MacMail, Google Mail etc)?


    Some Businesses need their CRM to integrate with their Website, or their website to ‘talk’ to their external eMarketing platform. Or perhaps you need your eCommerce system to send data to an accounting or inventory software you use. If anything like this is required please explain below:

    Are there any additional requirements?

    If you would like to send us any files you can upload them here.

    Or email them to hello@italicsbold.com.au