Free Online Meetings with Mikogo


Host meetings, deliver presentations and provide remote support all from your desktop, tablet or smartphone. Online meetings can save time, money and work with busy schedules. There are a number of web based meeting programs that we’ve used for presentations for web developers and users, however this program provides free online meetings with user friendly presentation layouts. If you are already holding web based meetings or want to know more about creating one, then read on.

Host online meetings

There are many reasons why businesses host online meetings via a web based program. One of those reasons is convenience. It is sometimes impossible to meet with a client face to face, due to conflicting schedules, or due to distance. Online meetings are primarily convenient as its all done using your computer, tablet or smart phone. Presentations are most effective with visuals and with online meetings, the presenter can share their screen with the audience. All users involved are looking at and talking about the same item. Anything the presenter sees, the audience also sees. Therefore everyone can collaborate and move forward with projects faster. Online meetings are not just for designers presenting concepts, they are for any business who holds meetings, presents to potential clients and provides training for staff and/or clients.

Sharing with Mikogo

We recently trialled Mikogo, a hassle-free screen sharing program. Once the presenter schedules the meeting, it’s just a simple click away for the attendee. We like that attendees are not prompted to download a program to attend the seminar. Once an email has been received, the attendee clicks on the link, enters their name and that’s it! During the presentation attendees can chat live with questions, which is great for clarifying decisions straight away. The presentation can be recorded for training purposes later and sent to those whom may have missed the scheduled time.

There are a number of web based meeting programs that we’ve used for presentations with clients and after a few test meetings with Mikogo, it looks like we’ll be using this one moving forward. Another great aspect of Mikogo, is that it’s free. There are options to ‘upgrade’ which charges a subscription.

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