Enhance your Gold Coast website with maps


Locating your business is simple and a little bit snazzy

Do you have a map embedded on your Gold Coast website, making it easy for customers and Google to locate you? If so, is your map interesting and does it align with your branding or does it stand out like a sore thumb? If you do not have a map, then here’s a reason why it’s beneficial for your business to enhance your website with maps.

It’s important to educate Google on where your business is, when customers search a service in your area. If you don’t tell Google where you are, how is it supposed to know? Just remember that Google is a machine which serves your customer the most relevant result based on keywords.

Regardless of your industry, web developers should keep one thing in mind that websites need to be interesting, easy to read and possess a simple navigation site map. Imagine putting in all of the hard work of a marketing strategy to get customers on to your site but they bounce off because your site is difficult to comprehend and does not instil the confidence of quality service. With this in mind, we see every aspect of your website (or future site) as a vital element for your customer’s journey. Remember, first impressions last!

So back to finding you… we came across quite a snazzy collection of maps to use on your website. Each Google Map is a source of different colour schemes, perfect for aligning with your industry, branding colours and overall atmosphere of your service. Snazzy Maps match the theme to your website.

Which do you prefer; a subtle grayscale or a more traditional palate coupled with a subdued colour scheme? Show off your waterfront location with a map highlighting the stunning blue water or maybe Shades of Grey for those websites with a dark theme…

We can create a unique version for your website too, just like we did for Subtle Patters last year Read our previous post on Subtle Patterns here

Let us enhance your Gold Coast website with maps today. Drop us a line at hello@italicsbold.com.au


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