Email Database Cleaning

Email cleaning

It’s the new year and your email database cleaning is due.

If you are ready to send out your 2015 sales emails to your beloved database, it is recommended to give your email database a tune up.

Email Database Cleaning

Email database cleaning refers to the analysis of your email lists and removes those addresses who can not receive emails.

These email addresses include inactive accounts, incomplete addresses and removes double ups, so you know how many recipients you are actually reaching.

If your business sends emails through a bulk email service to an old or invalid address, you may see a high number of spam complaints, undeliverable mail (bounces), or unsubscribes. These in turn, raise ‘red flags’ and lead to account warnings or even permanent account suspension. Your marketing collateral is therefore not delivered all addresses.

Why Email Database Cleaning is Important

Bounce backs, junk folders and spam traps. These three terms are not what your business is targeting, however with the large amount of emails being sent, it is quite easy for your marketing material to be missed.

If you’ve been blocked from sending your e-newsletters or you’ve noticed a very small open-rate, then your business email database needs a clean up.

Email database cleaning optimises your email performance, giving you an accurate understanding of your database activity and in turn, better conversion. With a database clean, your marketing collateral will reach customers who are interested in your business.

How to avoid the spam folder

With a quick and easy analysis, you can avoid the dreaded spam folder! We can filter (or clean up) the list so your emails are received by the customers you want to reach. Just send us the list and we’ll analyse it for invalid emails, opt-outs and bounce history. You’ll receive a report with an address-by-address analysis including historical bounces, spam complaints, opt-outs and spam traps, plus recent engagement activity.

Email database cleaning improves the quality of your send.

Contact us today about email database cleaning!

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