Digital Consulting Services

Digital Consulting Services

We recently held a meeting with a potential client who told us of a negative experience with a digital company. We were told how the client had been ‘promised the world’ with great digital consulting services and brilliant design. Then, once awarded the job, failed to communicate or deliver. In another meeting we were told that a very basic template web design took just over nine months to complete (this is crazy long)! Plus, throughout the process, the project price increased nearly every month with ‘hidden costs’ appearing. When we hear these stories we are not only confused, but also slightly embarrassed. As designers and industry colleagues, we feel somewhat uncomfortable about what is happening within the marketplace.

These experiences lead us to compare Italics Bold’s digital consulting services and point of difference in design. Our personal interest and skilled communication is what we know sets us apart and why our client portfolio is based on referrals.

Italics Bold, good service, great design

We know that it’s not just about the words we speak. Italics Bold is about proving ourselves with the quality of work that is produced and measuring success by a client’s level of satisfaction. Here at Italics Bold it’s not about the number of websites that we can complete, it’s about the quality of work and maintaining the clear goal of helping you grow your business. Being consultants as well as designers, we’ll help you build on your great ideas and nudge you away from the not-so-great.

We pride ourselves on open lines of communication and the transparency of our work. We encourage regular face to face or over the phone catch-ups, so no one is ever left confused about a project’s schedule. This encourages confidence within the project plus ensures all parties are moving towards achieving goals and objectives.

Our personal approach

We like to think that we bring a personal approach to each project. We genuinely want to know more about our clients. We ask who your customers are and how they are encouraged to engage with the business. These questions lead to unique design ideas and allow for clear and concise communication.

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