Case Study

A web app dedicated to helping people with a disability navigate friendships

We created the brand, website and web application for this start-up with a mission to combat the isolation and loneliness that people with a disability can feel if they are finding it hard to make friends.

Alvie Dashboard

The client

Alvie is a community-based app that helps create a safe space for people of all ages with a disability to socialise and make lasting connections. Launching in November 2022, the start-up is on a mission to create a digital ecosystem for members and carers, where life can become less isolated.

"You guys have been exceptional and great to work with."

Alvie logo

The problem

It’s often difficult for people with a disability to navigate friendships and find companions. Carers (parents, guardian and support workers) are also under pressure to elevate the livelihood of those with disability.  Meet-ups are hard to organise safely, and the stresses of life tend to become big enough hurdles that stop efforts to socialise.

The solution

A web app that helps facilitate both online and in-person friendships, in a safe and trusted community.

Branding & Identity

After discussing the vision of the business with the founder, we were tasked with creating the brand for Alvie. The goal was to create an identity that was visually interesting enough for a young audience, but also appealed to an older demographic at the same time.

Using bold shapes and colours we created a ‘wordmark’ that acheived this. It’s friendly, inviting, but not too childish.

The use of block shapes helps with recognition for those with limited or no literacy skills, as well as easy visibly on marketing collateral and merchandise.

The subtle ‘smile’ within the shapes makes it unique, as well as helps convey a friendly brand persona.

alvie brand

Marketing Website

The main point of contact for a possible new member signup is the Alvie website. Built on WordPress, the one page website is a fun, clear and informative landing page that gives enough information about the platform, without overloading the user. 

Web App

The Alvie web app is a purpose built community platform built from the ground up. Its functionality is dedicated to facilitating the premise of finding and connecting with friends as easy as possible for people with disability.

Our process stared with a scoping phase, where we uncovered the vision and key functionality.

We designed the user interface/experience, making it suitable for both desktop and mobile usage. It looks and feels like a native mobile app. 

This then came to life through a clickable protoype that allowed us to rapidly test and change the user experience before starting development. 

Our inhouse developers then proceeded to build in all functionality for each user type (Member, Carer and Admin). We worked with the client on fine tuning the functionality and usability. 

Alvie Friends List


Tailwind CSS

"Firstly, Nick and Matt thank you both for the massive effort of Italics Bold. You guys have put in and we have a platform live on the date we aimed to hit. After working in the software industry in one way or another for the past 25 years I do not know if I have ever seen a product be delivered on the promised date before. This is an awesome effort and one that hasn’t gone unnoticed - I would say history making."

Steve Bear
Alvie Founder