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The power of eNewsletters

13 Aug 2014, Posted by Nick Batchelor in Advertising, Design, Resources, Technology

How eNewsletters establish your business personality While social media is an effective avenue to engage your audience with topical information, you run the risk of being missed. eNewsletters hit a customer’s inbox and are personal (if you use them correctly). eNewsletters allow your business to…

Daily insights from Seth Godin

27 Nov 2013, Posted by Nick Batchelor in Business, Resources

This blog by the best selling author Seth Godin, contains hundreds of marketing, branding and business insights. Each post is a short 2-3 paragraphs (sometimes more, sometimes less) of ideas, opinions and wisdom that’s easy to digest, and just makes sense. For those wanting the…

Has Nintendo gone mad?

22 Nov 2013, Posted by Nick Batchelor in Digital, Technology

About a month ago I stumbled upon Full Screen Mario. An open source HTML5 remake of the classic platform game. It contained all 32 levels, a random map generator and a level editor. For me, and probably the other 2.7 million visitor to the site,…