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We worked with CCM Travel to give clients an engaging digital platform. CCM Travel are group, corporate and travel specialists who have a plethora of enviable packages on offer. We jumped in head first to design and develop a ‘clean, sleek and easy to read’ travel website.

Custom Built WordPress

CCM Travel’s previous website used an outdated design and WordPress version. We completely redesigned their travel website from inception. Working with the client, we planned a customer friendly site map with key features to make a simple and enjoyable visit. The design needed to accommodate current tours with a custom calendar set up and downloadable pdf documents. As this is a custom built website we were able to add a few special touches with the Website navigation to make searching easy.

Online Forms

Each tour features a registration form which is easily downloaded from the CCM Travel website. From the list of current tours, clients can select each one and download the trip’s itinerary for ease of planning. The online forms and website journey mimics the simplicity of sitting with a travel agent face-to-face. Your questions should be answered and your holiday well planned.

Social feeds

A travel website should be inspiring and informative with simple navigation. There’s noting better then using imagery to inspire and motivate. CCM Travel’s social media automatically populates their Gallery website page, creating a seamless dream board of destinations on offer. The Gallery page is another custom feature that we were able to build due to the custom built WordPress site. It’s just that little bit special.

Website hosting

CCM Travel chose to host their beautiful new website with us. Websites need to be hosted on a server. Our hosting packages are with an Australian based provider who operates services in five data centres around the globe with primary services hosted in Sydney and redundant infrastructure services in other locations.

Our hosting costs are simple and affordable and can be customised specifically for your needs.

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