Practice Management System

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Italics Bold has been part of the branding and development of a new practice management system for the Allied Health Sector.

Hippocamp has been a work in progress for 3 years and it’s now Live!

Italics Bold managed the development of this practice management system from the ground up. This included liaising with allied health practitioners to create the name, design the Hippocamp logo and branding suite, the unique workings of the application, through to launching the fully operational live system with a customised support team on standby.

Hippocamp is a practice management system with everything you need to run one or multiple Allied Health clinics. It’s brimming with features, including practitioner scheduling; an interactive calendar for patient, group and in-house appointments; notes and letters; task management; sms reminders; billings; plus a whole lot more.

The practice management system focuses on two main objectives:
1. Improve Patient Outcomes
2. Drive Business Objectives

If you’re a Physio, Chiro, Osteo, EP, Dietician, or anyone else that needs to book patients, take notes and keep track of your billings, give it a try!

Don’t miss an opportunity to create the system you need to improve your work practice. Italics Bold can build it with you. Contact us today.