Branding Stationery Design

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Eternal Beauty is how Dr Allan positions his practice, so it made sense to use this as our brief for the creation of the brand’s looks and feel.

Branding Stationery Design

Dr Allan is the newest gift in cosmetic surgery to ‘Gold-Coasters’ offering a range of non surgical procedures. We wanted to embody the cosmetic industry when designing the brand and the supreme level of service that clients will receive. The design process also reflected on Dr Allan himself. The logo and colours introduces you to the story of Dr Allan: honest, friendly, approachable, patient and compassionate.

Logo Design

The Dr Allan logo is a combination of two distinct symbols. The first is the ‘Enso’, or circle, hand-drawn in two uninhibited brush strokes to express a moment of strength, elegance and enlightenment born of Japanese aesthetics. The circle may be open or closed. In this case the circle is open, allowing for movement and development. Zen practitioners relate this idea to the beauty of perfection.

The infinity circle or the joining of two concepts characterises the two strokes. Infinity suggests eternity and empowerment with no foreseeable end. This symbol has been associated with endless love, companionship and a continuous relationship and is immediately recognizable.

The movement, development and perfection of the brush stroke and the endless journey of the infinity circle can be directly related to Dr Allan’s services, portraying a beautiful and positive message of cosmetic services. The concept expresses the personality, vision and values of the company including, but not limited to, the beauty of the customer and
the friendly and compassionate journey with Dr Allan.

Font Choice and Colour Selection

The crisp lines of the typeface and colour selection complement both the professional nature of Dr Allan and staff while introducing a sophisticated, almost royal combination. The colour purple implies luxury, royalty and pride, emphasizing Dr Allan’s experience, knowledge and ongoing superior service, which is reinforced by the infinity brush stroke which hovers over the type.

Dr Allan’s office signage and positioning was also created by Italics Bold, with the website currently in development! Watch this space.

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